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Our Team

Constantin Santos T. TOKO ( C.E.O )

He is a Senior Social Welfare Worker and has studied Law. Mr. Toko has 8 years of social work experience and has had accomplishments with many NGOs (in Cameroon and Togo) before HOKIFA Togo and Cameroon.He is working to develop HOKIFA in Minnesota- USA

* Assistant Principal des Affaires Sociales, Contantin Santos Toko est dans le domaine du Travail Social depuis plus de 08 ans et a fait des études en Droit Public. Il a largement contribué a la création de HOKIFA aussi bien au Togo, qu'au Cameroun

Yvette R.Toko Honorary President

She is an experienced teacher with 15 years of experience at the elementary and secondary level (USA and Lomé Togo). She had the vision of contributing to create HOKIFA in Togo and Cameroon and is very active in the development of the organization in Minnesota USA

* Enseignante de profession depuis une quinzaine d’années a Minneapolis USA et Lome Togo, Yvette Toko est titulaire d'un Master en Éducation et est membre actif de HOKIFA Togo et Cameroun depuis sa création .

Nwayi Nighamoi Bruno (Senior Staff)

He has a diploma of AGENT DE PROMOTION SOCIAL. He has been a member of HOKIFA since the inception and has helped to establish HOKIFA activities in the Central Togo Region town SOTOUBOUA.

* Mr Nwayi Nighamoi Bruno est AGENT DE PROMOTION SOCIAL et membre fondateur de HOKIFA ou il occupe le poste de Secrétaire Général, il a largement contribué en pionnier des activités de HOKIFA a SOTOUBOUA dans le Centre du Togo.


He is a sociologist from University of Lome. He joined the HOKIFA team with enthusiasm. As a disabled person, He oversees any disabilities aspects of the organization. He is also a leader with compassion and experiences that add value to our team.

* Mr EZI YAO est sociologue de formation, il s'occupe du volet handicap et compassion a HOKIFA


He is a Parliamentarian in Togo and represents the area of Bassar and Geurin-Kouka. He is also a Lawyer and former teacher. He is a resources person and head of HOKIFA’s board.

* L'honorable TARGONE est Juriste, enseignant et membre actuel du parlement Togolais dans la zone de Bassar et Guerin-Kouka. Son apport morale et son soutien a HOKIFA est indéchiffrable. Il assure la fonction de chef du conseil HOKIFA.

Pastor Roland AMETOU-Kossi

A spiritual man, Pastor Roland's goals and involvements are not to please the sheep, but to feed them, not to tickle their ears but to nourish their souls. His role is not to offer merely light snacks of spiritual milk, but the substantial meat of biblical truth and those who fail to feed the flock are unfit to be shepherds.

* Le Pasteur Roland Ametou Kossi trouve que ses objectifs et engagements ne sont pas pour plaire au troupeaux de brebis, mais de nourrir leurs âmes. Il n'offre pas que le lait spirituel, mais la viande substantielle de la vérité biblique et car ceux qui ne parviennent pas à nourrir le troupeau ne sont pas aptes à être des bergers.



Carole is responsible for HOKIFA projects in the field of education and is also a student in logistics and transport. She holds a German Baccalaureate and the diploma of qualified teacher CAPIEMP.

She has a competence in ENGLISH: professional competence and in Computer science: Word Microsoft, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet.

She has professional experience as a trainee teacher in public school.

Extra-professional activities

Sport: Fitness, tennis

Entrepreneurship in the fashion sector and special interest in reading and music.


Romeo is a graduate of ENAM Lome, a nurse by profession, he takes care of the health aspects of the HOKIFA projects, and the Executive Management of administrative activities under the supervision of the founder of HOKIFA.

He is a permanent member of the Bureau, and oversees the activities and training of trainees.

AMEFODJI Komi est Licencie professionnelle en Education Spécialisée à ENFS-Lomé est en charge du Departement Projets et s'occupe de la reception et formation des stagiaires

Professional degree in Specialized Education at ENFS-Lomé is in charge of the Projects Department and takes care of the reception and training of volunteers.

Mme Patoki L Mewinasso Assistant Social titulaire du Diplôme de Cadre supérieur de Développement Social, Option Assistance Sociale (AS) de l’Ecole Nationale de Formation Sociale-Lomé, est chargee du Projet Education et Alphabetisation

Social Worker and Diploma of Senior Social Development Officer, Social Assistance Option (AS) of the National School of Social Training-Lomé is in charge of the Education and Literacy Project


Homeland Kids and Family

an NGO based in Togo and Cameroon

About us

HOKIFA was founded by CEO, Constantin Santos.T. Toko

We are registered in Togo and Cameroon.

Our board consists of local and international members.

Our purpose

We support children and families in their right to education, health and a good quality of life.

We provide social charity, education for underprivileged, health and empowerment for women, and ecotourism.

Our projects

  • mobile Library

  • daycare of children

  • health services

  • volunteer Long term internships

  • school supplies

  • social school building infrastructures

  • scholarships

  • Disability

Our awards and Partners

Our awards and Partners

  • Global Fund for Children

  • Vitamin Angels

  • Pan-African Award from Teach A Man to Fish 2014

  • Int’l Child Art Foundation

  • Books2Africa



  • Grassroots org

  • TeachAmanToFish org

How you can help

  • Volunteer your time

  • Volunteer your skills

  • Make a donation

  • Sponsor a project

Contact Us

For more information contact us at or call +228 93232315

You can also visit our Facebook page

Office located in Djidjole Mailing address: 5 BP 563 Lomé

Thank you!

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