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HOKIFA: Homeland Kids & Family 

The name captures our feelings on Social Work and Education. Please join us in supporting Kids and Families right to an acceptable quality of life, health and education. HOKIFA is a non-partisan non-governmental organization (Non Profit) whose mission is to support disadvantaged and vulnerable children and families through a high quality education. Created in 2013 and officially registered on April 2014, HOKIFA provides an inclusive educational support for all through the ''mobile library program'' and supplement facts for women and children. When we started HOKIFA and the Mobile Library project, we had a vision of a world in which all children realize their full potential in a society that respects people's dignity. We are still committed to our humanitarian purpose of assisting the underprivileged children in Togo by bringing them opportunities for better education and health. 


Homeland Kids & Family ( HOKIFA) is authorized in the Republic of Togo and Cameroon.

Our Non Profit has several objectives; kids assistance, social charity, education of underprivileged, women's health and empowerment, culture and ecotourism.


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